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NCERT class 10 English First Flight Chapter 21 summary The Tale of Custard the Dragon (Poem) (notes) explained (translation) in hindi

The Tale of Custard the Dragon Summary In English

This is a story of a girl Belinda, who has some strange pets. They have queer names. She calls the black kitten Ink, the little grey mouse as Blink, the yellow dog as Mustard and the cowardly dragon Custard. Belinda’s, the kitten, the mouse and the dog were very brave but the dragon was a coward. One day, a pirate came armed with a pistol into their house except the dragon, Custard and all the others were terrified of the pirate. Custard attacked the pirate and gobbled him up. Belinda then embraced him while Mustard licked him. Even after this brave incident, Custard did not give up his cowardly ways. He still kept on crying for a safe cage.


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