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NCERT Solution class 7 chapter 2 exercise 2.1

Exercise 2.1

Question 1

Solve :

(i) 2-\dfrac{3}{5}

Sol :

\dfrac{2}{1}-\dfrac{3}{5} =\dfrac{2\times 5}{1\times 5}-\dfrac{3}{5} =\dfrac{10-3}{5} =\dfrac{7}{5}

(ii) 4+\dfrac{7}{8}

Sol :

\dfrac{4}{1}+\dfrac{7}{8} =\dfrac{4\times 8}{8}+\dfrac{7}{8} =\dfrac{(4\times 8)+7}{8} =\dfrac{39}{8} =4\dfrac{7}{8}

(iii) \dfrac{3}{5}+\dfrac{2}{7}

Sol :

\dfrac{3}{5}+\dfrac{2}{7} = \dfrac{3\times 7}{5\times 7}+\dfrac{2\times 5}{7\times 5} =\dfrac{21+10}{35} =\dfrac{31}{35}

(iv) \dfrac{9}{11}-\dfrac{4}{15}

Sol :

\dfrac{9}{11}-\dfrac{4}{15} \dfrac{}{}-\dfrac{}{}

(v) \dfrac{7}{10}+\dfrac{2}{5}+\dfrac{3}{2}

Sol :

\dfrac{7}{10}+\dfrac{2}{5}+\dfrac{3}{2} \dfrac{}{}+\dfrac{}{}+\dfrac{}{} =\dfrac{}{} =\dfrac{26}{10} =\dfrac{13}{5} =2\dfrac{3}{5}

(vi) 2\dfrac{2}{3} + 3 \dfrac{1}{2}

Sol :

2\dfrac{2}{3} + 3 \dfrac{1}{2}

(vii)  8\dfrac{}{2}-3\dfrac{5}{8}

Sol :



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