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NCERT solution class 7 chapter 6 The Triangle and its Properties exercise 6.1 mathematics



In ΔPQR, D is the mid—point of \overline{QR}

(i) \overline{PM} is ______ .

(ii) PD is ______ .

(iii) Is QM = MR ?

Sol :

(i) Altitude

(ii) Median

(iii) No



Draw rough sketches for the following:

(a) In ∆ABC , BE is a median.

Sol :

(b) In ∆PQR , PQ and PR are altitudes of the triangle.

Sol :

(c) In ∆XYZ  , YL is an altitude in the exterior of the triangle.

Sol :

Here, it can be observed that for XYZ  YL is an altitude drawn exterior to side XZ which is
extended up to point L.



3. Verify by drawing a diagram if the median and altitude of an isosceles triangle can be same.

Sol :

Draw a line segment AD perpendicular to BC . It is an altitude for this triangle. It can be observed
It the length of BD and DC is also same. Therefore, AD is also a median of this triangle.

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