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NCERT solution class 7 english chapter 18 Meadow Surprises (Poem)

Page No 124:

Question 1:

Read the lines in which the following phrases occur. Then discuss with your partner the meaning of each phrase in its context.

(i) Velvet grass

(ii) Drinking straws

(iii) Meadow houses

(iv) Amazing mound

(v) Fuzzy head


(i) ‘Velvet grass’ refers to the soft grass of the meadows.

(ii) ‘Drinking straws’ refer to the part from which the butterfly sips the nectar from the flowers.

(iii) ‘Meadow houses’ refer to the various habitats of animals, birds, and insects living in the meadow.

(iv) ‘Amazing mound’ refers to the place made of mud where the ants live. It is a tall structure made by them beneath tall grasses or trees.

(v) ‘Fuzzy head’ refers to the flower dandelion, which was golden when it had freshly bloomed. However, it had turned into a light airy structure, which fluttered if one blew on it.

Question 2:

Which line in the poem suggests that you need a keen eye and a sharp ear to enjoy a meadow? Read aloud the stanza that contains this line.


The line in the poem that suggests that ‘You may discover these yourself, if you look and listen well.’

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