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NCERT solution class 7 english chapter 6 Expert Detectives

Page No 89:

Question 1:

What did Nishad give Mr Nath? Why?


Nishad gave Mr Nath a bar of chocolate. He did so because he thought Mr Nath was starving.

Question 2:

What is “strange” about Mr Nath’s Sundays?


The strange thing about Mr Nath’s Sundays was that almost every Sunday, Ramesh carried two lunches to Mr Nath’s room and the same man was with him each time. He was tall, fair, stout, and wore spectacles. Ramesh said that his visitor talked a lot, unlike Mr Nath who hardly spoke.

Question 3:

Why did Nishad and Maya get a holiday?


Nishad and Maya got a holiday because of a heavy downpour. The streets were flooded due to the rain. Since no traffic could move through the flooded roads, they got a holiday.

Page No 93:

Question 1:

What does Nishad find out about Mr Nath from Ramesh? Arrange the information as suggested below.

  • What he eats
  • When he eats
  • What he drinks, and when
  • How he pays


Ramesh told Nishad that Mr Nath was not very particular about what he ate. It was always the same food—two chapattis, some dal and a vegetable. He used to have this food in the morning and in the evening. Mr Nath would drink tea once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Ramesh said that Mr Nath would pay in cash and was also a generous tipper.

Question 2:

Why does Maya think Mr Nath is a crook? Who does she say the Sunday visitor is?


Maya thought that Mr Nath was a crook because he had a strange appearance. He did not work but always had money to order his meals from restaurants, and even gave tips. The tenants at Shankar House said that he was mad, strange and unfriendly. He sat in his room all day, and nobody except a spectacled, fair, fat man visited him. He had no friends and she thought that it was so because he feared someone might recognise him and inform the police. She thought that the Sunday visitor was his accomplice in crime. She said that the visitor perhaps kept all the loot, and would come now and then to give a part of it to his partner for expenses.

Question 3:

Does Nishad agree with Maya about Mr Nath? How does he feel about him?


No, Nishad did not agree with Maya about Mr Nath. He wanted to find out why Mr Nath was so thin and so lonely. He also wanted to know why he did not have any friends and lived alone. When Maya said that he did so because he feared someone might recognise him and inform the police, Nishad responded by saying that perhaps no one had ever tried to make friends with him. He finally said that he liked Mr Nath and was going to try and be his friend. Maya’s theories did not make any impression on him.

Question 1:

The word ‘tip’ has only three letters but many meanings. Match the word with its meanings below.

(i)finger tipsbe about to say something
(ii)the tip of your nosemake the boat overturn
(iii)tip the water out of the bucketthe ends of one’s fingers
(iv)have something on the tip of your tonguegive a rupee to him, to thank him
(v)tip the boat overempty a bucket by tilting it
(vi)tip him a rupeethe pointed end of your nose
(vii)the tip of the batif you take this advice
(viii)the police were tipped offthe bat lightly touched the ball
(ix)if you take my tipthe end of the bat
(x)the bat tipped the ballthe police were told, or warned.


(i)finger tipsthe ends of one’s fingers
(ii)the tip of your nosethe pointed end of your nose
(iii)tip the water out of the bucketempty a bucket by tilting it
(iv)have something on the tip of your tonguebe about to say something
(v)tip the boat overmake the boat overturn
(vi)tip him a rupeegive a rupee to him, to thank him
(vii)the tip of the batthe end of the bat
(viii)the police were tipped offthe police were told, or warned
(ix)if you take my tipif you take this advice
(x)the bat tipped the ballthe bat lightly touched the ball

Page No 94:

Question 2:

The words helper, companion, partner and accomplice have very similar meanings. But each word is typically used in certain phrases. Can you fill in the blanks below with the most commonly used words? A dictionary may help you.

(i) business ________________

(ii) my _________________ on the journey

(iii) I’m mother’s little __________________

(iv) a faithful __________________ such as a dog

(v) the thief’s __________________

(vi) find a good ________________

(vii) tennis/golf/bridge_________________

(viii) his ____________________in his criminal activities


(i) business partner

(ii) my companion on the journey

(iii) I’m mother’s little helper

(iv) a faithful companion such as a dog

(v) the thief’s accomplice

(vi) find a good helper

(vii) tennis/golf/bridge partner

(viii) his accomplice in his criminal activities

Question 3:

Now let us look at the uses of the word break. Match the word with its meanings below. Try to find at least three other ways in which to use the word.

(i)The storm brokecould not speak; was too sad to speak
(ii)daybreakthis kind of weather ended
(iii)His voice is beginning to breakit began or burst into activity
(iv)Her voice broke and she criedThe beginning of daylight
(v)The heat wave brokechanging as he grows up
(vi)broke the bad newsend it by making the workers submit
(vii)break a strikegently told someone the bad news


(i)The storm brokeit began or burst into activity
(ii)daybreakthe beginning of daylight
(iii)His voice is beginning to breakchanging as he grows up
(iv)Her voice broke and she criedcould not speak; was too sad to speak
(v)The heat wave brokethis kind of weather ended
(vi)broke the bad newsgently told someone the bad news
(vii)break a strikeend it by making the workers submit

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