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NCERT solution class 7 Social Science chapter 10 Eighteenth-Century Political Formations

Page No 153:

Question 1:

Subadara revenue farmer
Faujdara high noble
Ijaradarprovincial governor
MislMaratha peasant warriors
Chautha Mughal military commander
Kunbisa band of Sikh warriors
Umaratax levied by the Marathas


SubadarProvincial governor
FaujdarA Mughal military commander
IjaradarA revenue farmer
MislA band of Sikh warriors
ChauthTax levied by the Mrathas
KunbisMaratha peasant warrior
UmaraA high noble

Question 2:

Fill in the blanks:

(a) Aurangzeb fought a protracted war in the ____________.

(b) Umara and jagirdars constituted powerful sections of the Mughal _____________.

(c) Asaf Jah founded the Hyderabad state in _______________.

(d) The founder of the Awadh state was ___________.


(a) Aurangzeb fought a protracted war in the deccan.

(b) Umara and jagirdars constituted powerful sections of the Mughal administration.

(c) Asaf Jah founded the Hyderabad state in 1724.

(d) The founder of the Awadh state was Burhan-ul-Mulk Sa’adat Khan.

Question 3:

State whether true or false:

(a) Nadir Shah invaded Bengal.

(b) Sawai Raja Jai Singh was the ruler of Indore.

(c) Guru Gobind Singh was the tenth Guru of the Sikhs.

(d) Poona became the capital of the Marathas in the eighteenth century.


(a) False

(b) False

(c) True

(d) True

Question 4:

What were the offices held by Sa’adat Khan?


The offices held by Sa’adat Khan included subadari, diwani and faujdari.

Page No 154:

Question 5:

Why did the Nawabs of Awadh and Bengal try to do away with the jagirdari system?


The Nawabs of Awadh and Bengal tried to do away with the jagirdari system because they wanted ot put a curb on cheating as well as the Mughal influence in their kingdoms.

Question 6:

How were the Sikhs organized in the eighteenth century?


In the eighteenth century, the Sikhs organized themselves into a number of bands called jathas, and later misls. Their combined forces were known as the grand army (dal khalsa).

Question 7:

Why did the Marathas want to expand beyond the Deccan?


The Marathas wanted to expand beyond the Deccan to receive tribute and control trade and agriculture.

Question 8:

What were the policies adopted by Asaf Jah to strengthen his position?


To strengthen his position Asaf Jah brought skilled soldiers and administrators from northern India. He also appointed mansabdars and granted jagirs.

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