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NCERT solution class 8 chapter 16 The Duck and the Kangaroo (Poem) english

Page No 99:

Question 1:

Taking words that come at the end of lines, write five pairs of rhyming words. Read each pair aloud.

For example, pond − beyond


Five pairs of rhyming words are as follows:

(i) Hop − stop

(ii) Back − Quack

(iii) Duck − luck

(iv) Reflection − objection

(v) Bold − cold

Question 2:

Complete the dialogue.

Duck:Dear Kangaroo! Why don’t you
Kangaroo:With pleasure, my dear Duck,
Duck:That won’t be a problem. I will


Duck: Dear Kangaroo! Why don’t you give me a ride on your back?

Kangaroo: With pleasure, my dear Duck, though your feet are unpleasantly wet and cold and I might catch rheumatism.

Duck: That won’t be a problem. I will wear worsted socks and cloak and smoke a cigar every day to keep out the cold.

Question 3:

The Kangaroo does not want to catch ‘rheumatism’. Spot this word in stanza 3 and say why it is spelt differently. Why is it in two parts? Why does the second part begin with a capital letter?


The word ‘rheumatism’ is spelt differently and is in two parts so that it can rhyme with ‘kangaroo’ in the following line. As a result of splitting the word into two and changing its spelling, ‘roo’ rhymes with ‘kangaroo’. The second part ‘Matiz’ begins with a capital letter because it is the first word of the line. In a poem, every line begins with a capital letter even if it is in continuation with the previous line. Hence, this has been done in order to enhance the poetic effect of the lines.

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