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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 13 Algebric Identities exercise 13 C

Exercise 13 C

Question 1

Write down the following products.

(i) (y+2)(y-2)

(ii) (p+1)(p-1)

(iii) (x-4)(x+4)

(iv) (3b+7)(3b-7)

(v) (9a+10b)(9a-10b)

(vi) (5p2-7q)(5p2+7q)

(vii) (a2+b2)(a2-b2)

(viii) (ab-c)(ab+c)

(ix) \left(\dfrac{1}{3}-5x\right)\left(\dfrac{1}{3}+5x\right)

(x) (a2b3-x3y4)(a2b3+x3y4)

Question 2

Find the following products

(i) (x+y+z)(x+y-z)

(ii) (l+m+n)(l-m+n)

Question 3

Simplify :

(i) (x+y)(x-y)(x2+y2)

(ii) (2-x)(2+x)(4+x2

Question 4

Simplify :


Question 5

Find the value of:

(i) 102×98

(ii) 505×495

(iii) 1.97×2.03

(iv) 200.4×199.96

Question 6

Evaluate :

(i) 10032-9972

(ii) (282)2-(18)2

Question 7

Simplify :

(i) 6.73×6.73-3.37×3.37

(ii) \dfrac{3.59\times 3.59-2.41\times 2.41}{3.59+2.41}

(iii) \dfrac{3532\times 3532-1458\times 1458}{3532+1458}

(iv) \dfrac{37.85\times 37.85-12.15\times 12.15}{37.85-12.15}


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