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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 17 Triangles exercise 17 C

1.Can the following side lengths form a triangle? Explain.
(i) 3,5,6
(ii) 6,9,12
(iii) 5,7,13
(iv) 7,8,13
(v) 10,15,25

2.P is a point in the interior of deltaABC. State which of the following statements are true (T) or false (F).
(i) AP+PB<AB
(ii) AP+PC>AC
(iii) BP+PC=BC the f‌igure, state which path is shorter.
(i) A to D
(ii) From A to D via B and C

4.In the f‌igure, name the sides of angleABC in the order of their magnitudes.

5.With the data given below in each case f‌ind the unknown angle and f‌ill in the blanks.
(i) angleA=65 deg , angleB=69deg , angleC=……., greater side = ……..
(ii) angleA=79 deg , angleB=31 deg , angleC=……. , smallest side = ……..

6.In the given f‌igure name the angles in descending order of magnitude.

7.Which is longer ?
(i) LM or MN
(ii) PQ or PR if Q||RT
(iii) AB or BD if AB||DC
(iv) PB or PC , where PB , PC bisect angleB and angleC respectively
(v) QM or QR if LM>LR and angleLMQ = angleLRQ

8.In the adjoining f‌igure which is not drawn accurately, angleBAD = 59° angleDAC = 32° and AD = BD? Calculate the value of the angle ACB and state , giving reasons, which is greater, BD or DC.

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