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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 19 Special Types of Quadrilaterals exercise 19 B

1.In a parallelogram PQRS, angleS=75deg . Determine the measures of angleP and angleQ.

2.The measures of two adjacent angles of a parallelogram are in the ratio 2:7. Find the measure of each of the parallelogrm.

3.Two opposite angles of a parallelogram are 6x-17deg and x+63 deg. Find the measure of each angle of the parallelogram.

4.Can a quadrilateral ABCD be a parallelogram , if
(i) AB=DC=5cm, AD=3.8cm and BC=3.6cm
(ii) angleA=95deg , angleB=75 deg
(iii) angleB=105deg , angleD=75deg

5.EFGH is a parallelogram.Find x, y and z . ALso , state the propertites you use to find them.

6.ABCD and EFGH are paralleograms. Find the measure of x

7.PQRS is a parallelogram. Find x and y. The given lengths are in cm

8.In a deltaABC, D, E, F are respectively, the mid-points of BC , CA and AB. If the lengths of sides AB,BC and CA are 17 cm, 18 cm and 19 cm respectively, find the perimeter of deltaDEF

9.In the figure, ABCD is a parallelogram in which angleA=60 deg. If the bisectors of angleA and angleB meet at P,prove that AD=DP,PC=BC and DC=2AD

10.In the figure, ABCD is a parallelogram and E is the mid-point of side BC. If DE and AB when produced meet at F, prove that AF=2AB.

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