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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 20 Constructions of Quadrilaterals exercise 20 A

Comnstruct a quadrilateral:
1.(i) ABCD in which AB=4cm , BC=6cm, CD=5.5cm,AD=5cm and AC=8cm
(ii) PQRS in which PQ=3.5cm,QR=5.5cm , RS=4.5cm, PS=5cm and PR=7cm
2.(i) PQRS in which PQ=4cm , QR=3cm , PS=2.5cm , PR=4.5cm and QS=4cm
(ii) Is it possible to construct a quadrilateral ABCD in which AB=1.5cm , AD=3cm ,CD=2cm , AC=6.5cm , BD=5cm? If not given reason.
3.(i)ABCD in which AB=8cm , BC=6cm , CD=4cm , AD=5cm and angleB=60 deg
(ii) PQRS in which PQ=QR=4.5cm,PS=RS=5.8cm anglePQR=120 deg
4.(i) ABCD in which AB=4.5cm , CD=5cm , DA=3.5cm angleC=120 deg and angleD=75 deg
(ii) PQRS in which PQ=3.5cm ,QR=3cm , RS=4cm , angleQ=75 deg and angleS=120 deg
5.(i) ABCD in which AB=3.5cm , BC=6 cm , angleA=75 deg , angleB=105 deg and angleC=120 deg
(ii) PQRS in which PQ=6cm , QR=4cm , angleP=45 deg , angleQ=115 deg and angleS=95 deg
[Find angleR using angleR=360 deg – (angleP+angleQ+anglesS)]

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