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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 20 Constructions of Quadrilaterals exercise 20 B

I.Construct a rectangle ABCD given:
1.AB=7cm , BC=6cm
2.AB=6.9cm , BC=3.7cm
3.AB=8.2cm , BC=7.1cm
4.AB=8cm , BC=5.8cm
5.AB=8cm , BD=10cm
6.AB=12cm , AC=13cm
7.Constrcut a rectangle WXYZ where WX=5cm and WY=7cm

II. Constrcut a square ABCD
1.Of side 2.3cm
2.Of side 6.2cm
4.One diagonal=6.2cm
5.One diagonal=8cm

III.Constrcut a parallelogram ABCD to the follwoing measurements:
1.AB=4cm,AD=4.5cm,angleDAB=75 deg
2.AB=7.5cm,AD=4.5cm,angleDAB=75 deg
3.AB=6cm,BC=3.8cm,angleA=110 deg

IV.Constrcut a rhombus ABCD given:
1.AB=4cm and angleA=60 deg
2.AB=9cm and angleA=70 deg
3.AB=6.3cm and angleB=68 deg
4.AB=3.5cm and angleB=105 deg
5.AB=4.7cm , AC=7cm

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