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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 22 Linear Symmetry , Reflection and Rotation exercise 22 C

1.State the co-ordinates of image of each of the following points:
(i) P(5,8) , Q(-7,11) , R(10,-6) , T(-15,-7) after reflection in x-axis
(ii) A(11,14) , B(-10,15) , C(17,-12) , D(-6,-8) after reflection in y-axis

2.Write down the coordinates of image of each the points E(-7,-13) and F(16,-21) when
(i) reflected in the x-axis
(ii) reflected in the y-axis
(iii) reflected in the y-axis followed by reflection in the x-axis
(iv) reflection in the origin

3.(i) Point H(a,b) in reflected in the x-axis to H(-7,8) .Write down the value of a and b.
(ii) Hsubscript2 is the image of H when reflected in the y-axis. Write down the coordinates of Hsubscript2

4.The vertices of a deltaABC are A(-5,9) , B(-10,5) and C(-2,3).Find the coordinates of the vertices of the image of this triangle after reflection in the x-axis. Draw the given figure and its image.

5.The coordinates of a pentagon are A(-10,10) , B(-17,6) C(-12,-5) , D(-3,2) and E(-3,6). Draw this pentagon on the graph paper.Draw the image A,B,C,D,E of the given shape under reflection in the y-axis.

6.On a graph paper , plot the triangle ABC where A is (4,4) , B is (10,10) and C is (18,2).Now , draw the image of triangle ABC under reflection in the y-axis followed by a reflection in the x-axis

7.On a graph paper draw a figure ABCDEF where A is (5,-6) , B is (10,-4) , C is (11,2) , D is (19,2) , E is (14,6) and F is (5,6). Draw its image under reflection in y-axis.

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