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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 23 Linear Graphs exercise 23 B

1.Fill in the blanks:
(i) The graph of x=1 is a line parallel to the ____ axis
(ii) The graph of y=1 is a line parallel to the ____ axis
(iii) The equation ax+by+c=0 (where a and b are not both zero) is called a ___ equation.
(iv) The graph of 2x=1 is a line parallel to the ___ axis

2.Graph each of the following equations on a coordinate plane.
(i) x=4
(ii) x=-3
(iii) y=5
(iv) y=-1

3.Complete the table of values for each equation and draw each line on a separate coordinate grid.
(i) x+y=5\rightarrow y=5-x
(ii) x+2y=-4\rightarrowy=-\dfrac{1}{2}x-2
(iii) 5y-3x=15\rightarrowy=\dfrac{3}{5}x+3
(iv) 2x+3y=12\rightarrowy=-\dfrac{2}{3}x+4

4.Draw a coordinate grid from -10 to 10 on both axes. Using table of values draw each line on the same grid.
(i) y=x-4
(ii) y=2x-4
(iii) y=3x-4
(iv) y=4x-4

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