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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 23 Linear Graphs exercise 23 C

1.From a table of values showing the coordinates of the points highlighted on each of the graphs given below and hence write the equation showing the relationship between x and y.

2.Copy and complete the table of values for each equation. Hence,draw the respective graphs.
(i) y=x+5
(ii) y=2x
(iii) y=2x-3
(iv) y=x-5

3.(i)Draw the graph of the function y=5x
(ii) read from the graph, the value of y , when
(i) x=5 (ii) x=6

4.Draw a graph to convert miles to kilometer , given 1 mile=1.6km. Use the graph to find,
(i) how many kilometers are approximately equal to 4.5 mile ?
(ii) How many miles are approximately equal to 8km ?

5.The following diagram shows the temperatures during a day.
(i) Plot the points on a graph and then join points with staright lines.
(ii) Approximately when did the temperature first reach 30 deg C ? Was the temperature increasing or decreasing at this time ?
(iii) For how long was the temperature above 40 deg C?
(iv) By how much did the temperature fall between 4p.m and 6p.m. ?

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