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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 23 Linear Graphs exercise 23 D

1.Match each graph with the correct description.

2.The graph shows an aeroplane’s f‌light.
(i) What does 1 small square represent
(a) horizontally ?
(b) vertically?
(ii) For how long was the aeroplane climbing ?
(iii) What was the aeroplane’s speed whilst climbing?
(iv) How long was the plane in level f‌light?
(v) How long did the whole f‌light take?

3.Akshat was travelling in his car to a meeting. He set off from home at 6 am. and stopped on the way for a break. This distance-time graph shows his journey. Read the graph and answer the questions given below:
(i) At what time did he
(a) stop for his break?
(b) set off after his break?
(c) get to his meeting place?

(ii)At what average speed was he travelling
(a) over the first houw ?
(b) over the second hour ?
(c) for the last part of his journey ?

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