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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 25 Areas of Rectilinear Figures exercise 25 B

1.Find the area of each of the following triangles:

2.The base of a triangle measures 32 cm and its altitude is 45 cm. Find the area of the triangle in square metres.

3.Find the height of a triangle, if its area is 24 cm^2 and its base is 15 cm.

4.The area of a right-angled triangle is 60cm^2 and its smallest side is 8cm. What is its hypotenuse ?

5.Calculate the shaded area of each of the following

6.Find the area of an isosceles right triangle, if one of its right sides is 18 cm long.

7.The area of an isosceles triangle is 300cm^2. The height of the triangle is 15cm. Find the perimeter of the triangle.

8.The area of a triangle is 1176 cm^2. The ratio of the base to the corresponding altitude is 3 : 4. Find the altitude of the triangle.

9.Find the area of quadrilateral ABCD, where BD = 22 cm, CE = 7 cm and AF = 6 cm.

10.Find the area of the triangle in each of the following where the three sides are given as
(i) 25 cm, 23 cm, 30 cm (ii) 48 cm, 73 cm, 55 cm

11.Find the area of an equilateral triangle whose each side is 12 cm.

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