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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 26 Circumference and Area of a Circle exercise 26

1.Find the circumference and area of each of the following circles given:
(i) radius=14cm
(ii) radius=4.2cm
(iii) diameter=56cm
(iv) diameter=16.1cm

2.Find the diameter of the circle whose
(i) Circumference is 308cm
(ii) Area=962.5cm^2

3.Two wire circles of diameters 28cm and 35cm are cut and then joined to form a big circle of radius k cm. Find the value of k cm .Find the value of k .

4.The cicumference of circular pond is 396m .What is its area ?

5.The diameter of a wheel is 98cm . In how many revolutions wil it cover a distance of 1540m ?

6.If the difference between the circumference and diameter of a circle is 30cm , then what is the radius of the circle ?

7.Find the perimeter and area of each of the following shapes represented by buld lines .

8.A gear 12cm in diameter is turning a gear 16cm in diameter. When the smaller gear has 42 revolutions. How many revolutions has the larger one made ?

9.A circular road runs round a cicular ground. If the differences between the circumferences of the outer circle and inner circle is 66 meter. Find the width of the road.

10.A circular water fountain 6.6m in diametre is surrounderd by a path of width 1.5m . What is the area of the path ? (Write the answer correct upto 2 places of decimal)

11.The area enclosed between the circumference of two concentric circles is 16pi cm^2 and their radii are in the ratio 5 : 3 . What is the area of the outer circle ?

12.What is the area of the largest circle that can be drawn inside a square of side 28cm ?

13.Calculate the shaded area in each of the following figures

14.Four equal sized maximum circular plates are cut off from a square paper sheet of area 784cm^2. What is the circumference of each plate ?

15.A circular path is enclosed by two concentric circles. If the outer circumference of the path is 88cm and the uniforn width of the path is 3.5cm, find the area of the path.

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