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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 27 Volume and Surface Area of Solids exercise 27 A

1.Find the surface area and volume of cuboid whose dimensions are :
(i) 3m , 5m and 7m
(ii) 4.8m , 80cm and 50cm
(iii) 2.4cm , 16cm , 4mm

2.Find the surface area and volume of a cube whose side is :
(i) 6cm
(ii) 1.2cm
(iii) $\dfrac{1}{8}~cm$

3.Find the volume in m^3 of a rectangular cuboid of length 2.6cm , width 80cm and height 500mm.

4.A rectangular trough 8m long and 3m wide holds 5736m^3 of water. Find the depth of water in the trough.

5. 2 litres of petrol are poured into a rectangular container 25cm long , 8cm wide and 25cm deep. What is the depth of the petrol in the container?

6.The surface area of a cube is $37\dfrac{1}{2}~m^2$ . Find the vlolume of the cube.

7.Find the number of bricks each measuring 24cm by 15cm by 8cm that are needed to build a wall 33m long , 48cm wide and 2.8m high.

8.Find the number of 4cm cubes that can be cut out from a cuboid , whose dimensions are 32cm by 21cm by 6cm .

9.What is the maximum length of a pencil that can be kept in a rectangular box of dimensions 8cm by 6cm by 2cm ?

10.How many litres of water can a square container of side 20cm and height 18cm hold ?

11.The length , breadth and height of a room are in the ratio 3 : 2 : 1. If its voolume is 1296m^3 , find its breadth.

12.What is the volume of a cube (in cm^3) whose diagonal measures 4\squareroot3 cm ?

13.The whole surface area of a rectangular block is 8788cm^2 .If the length , breadth and height are in the ratio 4:3:2 , find the difference between its length and height.

14.Find the number of bricks each measurring 25cm by 12.5cm by 7.5 cm , required to construct a wall 12m long , 5m high and 0.25m thick, while the sand and cement mixture occupies 5% of the total colume of the wall ?

15.A closed rectangular box measuring 72cm by 54cm by 48cm externally is made of wood 1.5cm thick.
(i) Find the capacity of the box in litres.
(ii) What is the volume of wood used in making the box ?
(iii) What is the mass of the box, if the wood used weighs 0.9g/cm^3 ?

16.A rectangular plot of field measures 12m by 15m . A pit 8m by 6m by 50cm is dug in the field and soil reomoved is spread evenly over the remaining portions of the field. Find the increasing in the level of the remaining portion of the field .

17.A box is tightly packed with tins of soft drinks of same size. These tins are arranged in 2 layers contains 3 rows of 5 column as shown. If the diameter of each tin is 6cm and it is 12cm high, find the volume of the box.
[Hint: Length=6*5=30cm , Breadth=6*3=18 cm , Height=12*2 (being 2 layers) = 24cm]

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