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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 27 Volume and Surface Area of Solids exercise 27 B

1.Copy and complete the given table for a cylinder (use pi=22/7)
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<tr><th></th><th>Radius</th><th>Height</th><th>Curved Surface Area</th><th>Area of Base</th><th>Total Surface Area</th></tr>

2.Find the radius of a sylinder whose height is 42cm and whose curved surface area is 8448 cm^2.

3.The total surface area of a right circular cylnder of radius 7cm is 1188cm^2 . Find its height

4.Four times the area of the curved surface of a cylinder is equal to 6 times the sum of the area of its bases if its height is 14cm , find the curved surface area .

5.The circumference of the base of a right circular sylinder is 176cm and it is 1m high . Find the lateral surface area of the cylinder.

6.A cylindrical vessel open at the top has a diameter of 21cm and height 16cm. Find the cost of tin plating it on the inside at the rate of 10 rupees per hundred square centimetres.

7.A hollow metal pipe is 63cm long. The inner diameter of cross-section is 4cm and the outer diamtere is 4.8cm. Find the total surface area of the pipe.

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