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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 28 Data Handling exercise 28 B

1.Fill in the blanks:
(i) The difference between the maximum and the minimum observations in a data is called the ___ of the data.
(ii) The number of observations in a particular class interval is called the ___ of the class interval.

(i) Lower limit of the class interval 46 – 53
(ii) Upper limit of the class interval 30 — 35
(iii) The range of the data 2 , 9 , 17 , 25 , 4 , 11

3.Find the class marks of the following table:
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<table style=”border-collapse: collapse;” border=”1″>
<tr><th>Weights in kg</th><td>10-20</td><td>20-30</td><td>40-50</td><td>50-60</td></tr>

4.The following are the monthly rents (in rupees) of 30 shops
42,49,37,82,37,75,62,54,79,84,75,63,44,74,36,69,54,48,74,39,48,45,61,71,47,38,80,51,31,47.Using the class intervals of equal width in which one class interval being 40-50 (excluding 50) . Construct a frequency table for the above data .

5.On the first day of school , a school bus brought 40 students to a high school . Their vages were as follows:
Group the ages into four equal classes with class intervals 4-8 etc and construct a frequency table

6.Find the mean of each of the following frequency distributions.
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