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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 29 Graphical Representation of Data exercise 29 A

1.The following table shows the number of students in a school playing five different games.
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<table style=”border-collapse;” border=”1″>
<tr><th>Number of students</th><td>200</td><td>175</td><td>250</td><td>75</td><td>50</td></tr>
Present this information on a bar graph

2.The following table shows how a student spends his pocket money during the course of a month
<div style=”overflow: auto;”>
<table style=”border-collapse;” border=”1″>
<tr><th>Item</th><td>Food</td><td>Entertainment</td><td>Other expenditure</td><td>Savings</td></tr>
If the pocket money in 1000 rupees , represent the above information on a table showing expenditure in rupees. Then draw a bar graph showing the expenditure.

3.Given alongside is a graph showing the areas(in thousand square miles) of the five Great Lakes . Read the bar graph carefully and answer the questions given below.
(i) How many square mile sof area is represented by 1cm block on the vertical axis ?
(ii) The area of the largest lake is about how many times the area of the smallest lake ? Also , name the smallest and largest lakes.
(iii) How much is Lake Erie larger in area than Lake Ontario ?
(iv) Between which teo lakes in the different in area the least ?

4.This double column graph compares the average number of hours an electrical appliance is used on weekdays and weekends.
Read the graph and answer the following questions.

(i) Which appliance has got the maximum usage ?
(ii) Which appliance is used twice as many hours on the weekend as it is used on weekdays ?
(iii) What is the average number of hours an AC is used on weekend ?
(iv) Which appliances are each used for 6 more hours on a day on weekends than on a weekdays ?

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