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S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter 3 Square and Square Roots exercise 3 B

Exercise 3 (B)


Question 1

Find the square root of each of the following numbers by division method.

(i) 3249

(ii) 6889

(iii) 15129

(iv) 75625

(v) 166464

(vi) ​9548100

Sol :

(vii) ​\dfrac{1089}{3481}

(viii) ​​​\dfrac{7569}{14884}

(ix) 2\dfrac{337}{9216}

Sol :

(x) ​9\dfrac{4185}{5776}

Sol :

Question 2

Find the perimeter of a square field whose area is 13689 m2

Sol :

Question 3

What should be subtracted from 18.246 to get a perfect square number ? What is this perfect square number ? Also, find its square root.

Sol :

Question 4

What should be added to 14841 to make the sum a perfect square ?

Sol :

Question 5

Find the least number which must be subtracted from 63520 to make it a perfect square.

Sol :

Question 6


(i) Find the least number of six digits which is a perfect square.

(ii) Find the greatest number of six digits which is a perfect square.

Sol :

Question 7

A gardener arranges his plants in rows to form a perfect square. He finds that in doing so, 25 plants are left out.If the total number of plants be 2234 , find the numbers of plants in each row.

Sol :

Question 8

There are 800 children in a school. For a PT drill they have to stand in a square formation, such that the number of rows is equal to number of columns. Find the greatest number of children needed to complete the formation.

Sol :


9.Find the correct one:
The square root of 1585081 is

(a) 1259

(b) 2159

(c) 1251

(d) 1291

10.Find the value of 


(a) 1602205

(b) 16.2402

(c) 17.2205

(d) 155.2205




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