S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter percentage



1.Write each of these percentages as a fraction and a decimal.

(i) 15%
(ii) 84%
(iii) 12.5%
(iv) 120%
(v) ​\( 33\dfrac{1}{3}\% \)

2.Write each of the following as percentages.

(i)​\( \dfrac{3}{5} \)
(ii) \( \dfrac{19}{20} \)
(iii) \( 2\dfrac{2}{3} \)
(iv) 0.95
(v) 2.575

3.Express each of the following ratios as percents.

(i) 1 : 4
(ii) 11 : 20
(iii) 21 : 40

4.Express each of the following percents as ratios.

(i) 45%
(ii) ​\( 16\dfrac{2}{3}\% \)
(iii) 130%

5.Express the first quantity as a percentage of the second quantity.

(i) 10 cm of 1 m
(ii) 4 kg of 120 kg
(iii) ​\( \dfrac{1}{10} \)​ of ​\( \dfrac{2}{5} \)

6.Find the following amounts.

(i) 12% of 600
(ii) ​\( 33\dfrac{1}{3}\% \)​ of 2400 people
(iii) 48% of 1 litre
(iv)​\( 7\dfrac{1}{7} \)​ of 3 kg 500 g

7.A metal bar is 2.4 meters long.After heating its length increases by 2%.What is the new length?

8.A pair of shoes costs ₹ 3000.During sale, its price reduced by 40%.What is the new price after reduction?

9.Piyush’s marks in Mathematics were wrongly read as 65 instead of 85.What is the percentage error in the marks?

10.A man gets a 15% hike salary.If his new salary is ₹ 16,100.What was his original salary?




1.What percent of a day is the time duration of 3 hours?

2.About 67% of a human body’s total weight is water.If Aparna weights 70 kg, how much of her weight is water?

3.A person’s salary increases from ₹ 7,200 to ₹ 8,100.What is the percentage increase in his salary?

4.A fruit seller had some apples.He sells 40% apples and still has 420 apples.How many apples did he originally have?

5.A water pipe is cut into pieces.The longer piece is 70% of the length of the pipe.By how much percent is the longer piece longer than the shorter piece?

6.If a number is increased by 20% and the resulting number is again increased by 20%, what percent is the total increase?

7.If A’s income is 50% less than that of B, then B’s income is what percent more than that of A?

8.If the price of petrol be raised by 20%, then what is the percentage by which a car owner must reduce its consumption so as not to increase his expenditure on petrol?

9.In an examination, 1100 boys and 900 girls appeared. 50% of the boys and 40% of the girls passed the examination.What is the percentage of candidates who failed?

10.A candidate who scores 30% fails by 5 marks, while another candidate who scores 40% marks get 10 more than minimum pass marks.What are the minimum pass marks required to pass?

11.Out of his income, Mr.Raj spends 20% on house rents and 70% of the rest on household expenditure.If he saves ₹ 3,600 per month, then what is his total income per month?

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