S.chand books class 8 maths solution chapter Profit,Loss and Discount



1.A person purchased a chair for ₹ 700, spent ₹ 170 on its repairs and ₹ 30 on the cartage.If he sold the chair for ₹ 1080, what is his gain percent ?

2.Ramesh bought 10 cycles for ₹ 500 each.He spent ₹ 2000 on the repair of all the cycles.He sold five of them for ₹ 750 each and the remaining for ₹ 550 each.What is total gain or loss %?

3.By selling an article for ₹ 960 a man incurrs a loss of 4%.What was the cost price of the article?

4.If the selling price of 20 articles is equal to the cost price of 15 articles, then what is the loss percentage ?

5.A hawker gains the selling price of 4 ball-point pens on selling 1 dozen pens.What is his gain percentage?

6.A man bought pencils at the rate of 6 for ₹ 4 and sold them at the rate of 4 for ₹ 6. What is his gain percentage in transaction?

7.By selling a basket of mangoes for ₹ 105, a fruit seller loses 30%. For how much should he sell it to gain 40%?

8.A man sold a book at a loss of 20%.If he had sold the books for ₹ 12 more, he would have gained 10% .Find the cost price of the book.

9.A trader sells two cycles at ₹ 1188 each, gaining 10% on the first cycle and losing 10% on the second cycle.What is the profit or loss percentage in the whole transaction ?

10.A merchant bought two calculators which together cost him ₹ 4800.He sold one of them at a loss 15% and the other at a gain of 19%.If the selling price of both the calculators is equal, find the cost price of the lower priced calculator.

11.A manufacturer sells an article to a wholesale dealer at a profit of 10%.The wholesale dealer sells it to a shopkeeper at 20% profit.The shopkeeper sells it to the customer for ₹ 56,100 at a loss of 15%.What is the cost price of the article to the manufacturer?

12.A man buys a plot of agricultural land for ₹ 3,60,000. He sells one third of it at a loss of 20% and two fifth at a gain of 20%.At what price must he sell the remaining field so as to make an overall profit of 10% ?

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