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S.chand publication solution of class 6 chapter 24 exercise 24 B


1. An equilateral triangle with one side measuring

(i) 9 cm

(ii) 30 cm

(iii) 45 mm

(iv) 100 mm

2. A regular hexagon with one side measuring 

(i) 15 cm

(ii) 55 mm

(iii) 80 mm

(iv) 0.7 m

3. Find the length of one side of a regular hexagon, if the perimeter is

(i) 54 cm

(ii) 1.14 m

(iii) 222 mm

(iv) 3.6 m

4. Find the length of each of the equal sides of an isosceles triangle , if the perimeter and unequal side are

(i) perimeter =40 cm , unequal side = 6 cm

(ii) perimeter = 45 cm , unequal side = 25 cm


5. A piece of string is 120 cm long . What will be the length of each side , is the string is bent to form

(i) an equilateral triangle

(ii) a regular pentagon

(iii) a regular hexagon

6. A rope of length 60 cm is cut into two pieces. One piece is used to form a rectangle of length 12 cm and width 6 cm. The other piece is bent into a regular hexagon. What is the length of each side of the hexagon?

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