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S.chand publication solution of class 6 chapter 24 exercise 24 C


1.Find the area of the following graphical figures

(i) fig



2. Find the area of a rectangle whose

(i) Length = 18 cm and breadth = 13 cm

(ii) Length = 12 cm and breadth = 7.5 cm

(iii) Length $=3\dfrac{1}{4}~m$ and breadth $=1\dfrac{1}{2}~m$

(iv) Length = 5 m 60 cm and breadth = 3 m 40 cm

3. What is the area of a square photo frame of side

(i) 8 cm

(ii) 10 cm

(iii) 15 cm

4. What happens to the area of a rectangle when

(i) its length is doubled, the breadth remaining the same ?

(ii) its breadth is doubled, the length remaining the same ?

(iii) its length and breadth are both doubled ?

5. What happens to the area of a square when

(i) its side is doubled ?

(ii) its side is tripled ?

(iii) its side is halved ?

6. Find the perimeter of the square whose area is 2500 m2 ?

7. Find the area , in hectare , of a field whose length is 240 m and breadth is 110 m .

8. The area of a square of side 16 cm is the same as that of a rectangle of length 64 cm . What is the breadth of the rectangle ?

9. The area of  a rectangular park is 456 m2 and its length is 24 m . Find the breadth of the park and the cost of fencing it at the rate of 8.50 rupees per metre . 

10. A playground measures 300 m by 170 m . Find the cost of playing grass on this at the rate of 80 rupees per hectare .

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