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S.chand publication solution of class 6 chapter 25 exercise 25 B


1.Work out the volume of each cuboid.

(i) fig

(ii) fig

(iii) fig

2. Complete the following table. (Measurements are in cm)



3. Find the volume of a cube with the given side.

(i) 3 cm (ii) $\dfrac{1}{2}~cm$ (ii) 1.2 m (iv) 2.5 m

4.Find the side of the cubes whose volumes are

(i) 216 m2 (ii) 512 cm3 (iii) 1728 cm3 (iv) 2197 m3

5.The bottom of a tank measures 25m × 20 m. Find its depth, if it contains 2000 m3 water.

6. Find the volume of a cube, one face of which has an area of 64 cm2

7.The volume of a soap cake is 160 cm3. Its length and width are 10 cm and 5 cm. Find its height.

8. lf 60 cm3 of a metal weighs 1 kg, find the weight of a block of the same metal of the size 20 cm by 12 cm by 5 cm.

9. A Solid cube of edge 20 cm is melted and cast into a cuboid whose base measure 25 cm by 20 cm. Find the height of the cuboid .

10. Find the number of bricks 90 cm by 5 cm by 4 cm , contained in a crate measuring 27 cm by 15 cm by 8 cm .

11. The inside measurements of a cardboard box are $1\dfrac{1}{2}~m$ by $\dfrac{3}{4}~m$ by 60 cm . How many book of size , 20 cm by 10 cm by 7.5 cm each can be arranged in the box ? 

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