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S.chand publication solution of class 6 chapter 3 exercise 3 D


1.Copy and complete.

2.Find the following products.
(i) 8*3
(ii) -8*3
(iii) 8*-3
(iv) -8*-3
(v) -6*6
(vi) 0*-28
(vii) -25*-6
(viii) -25*-25
(ix) -745*-12
(x) 600*-17

3.Simplify :
(i) -5*-3*1
(ii) -4*-5*-1
(iii) -16*-9*-383*0
(iv) -15*-5*-6
(v) -18*-14*-12
(vi) -8*27*-9*0

4.What will be the sign of the product, if we multiply together
(i) 8 negative integers and 1 positive integer ?
(ii) 21 negative integers and 3 positive integers ?

5.State which is greater
(i) (7\div 8)*9 or 7\div 8*9
(ii) (7-8)*9 or 7-8*9
(iii) (-7-8)*9 or 7-(-8*-9)

6.Write ‘T’ for True or ‘F’ for False for the following statements.
(i) The product of three negative integers is a negative integer .
(ii) Of the two integers if one is negative then their product must be negative .
(iii) The prodduct of a negative and a positive integer may be zero .
(iv) If a > 1 , then there is no integer b such that ab = b*a = b

7.Think and answer
(i) Compare the sign of the product of two negative integers with the sign of the sum of two negative integers.
(ii) Suppose the product of two integers is positive , what do you know about the signs of the integers ?

8.The Atlantic Ocean is sinking about 10 cm every 100 years . Write a multiplication expression with integers that models how much the Atlantic Ocean will sink in 300 years . How many centimetres will it sink during that time ?

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