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S.chand publication solution of class 6 chapter 4 exercise 4 B


1.Write ‘T’ for true or ‘F’ for false for the following statements.
(i) b \belong {a , e , i , o ,u}
(ii) 6 \belong the set of even numbers
(iii) 13 \belong the set of odd numbers
(iv) Gold \belong {Silver , Platinum , Gold}
(v) Geetanjali \belong set of books written by Tagore
(vi) Rose \belong the set of all vegetables
(vii) 1998 \belong the set of leap years
(viii) Moon \belong the set of planets of the solar system

2.Let A = {odd numbers \lessthanequalto 19}.Insert the appropriate symbol ‘\belong’ or ‘\notbelong’ in the blanks
(i) 4 ___ A
(ii) 7 ___ A
(iii) 9 ___ A
(iv) 13 ___ A
(v) 19 ___ A
(vi) 2 __ A

3. Write these sentences in set languages using proper symbols ‘\belong’ or ‘\notbelong’
(i) 2 is a member of the set of first five counting numbers
(ii) d is a member of the set of consonants
(iii) 32 is not a member of the set of multiples of 3
(iv) India is not a member of the set of continents

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