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S.chand publication solution of class 6 chapter 4 exercise 4 D


1. State which of the following sets are finite and which are infinite
(i) {Number of people in india}
(ii) {Multiples of 7}
(iii) {0 , 1 , 2 , 3 …..}
(iv) {x | x is a multiple of 2 less than 48}
(v) The set of teachers in your school
(vi) The set of animals on earth
(vii) The set of leaves on a tree
(viii) The set of grains of sand in a small jar
(ix) The set of men who have landed on the moon
(x) The set of atoms on Earth

2. Which of the following are singleton sets ?
(i) {Capital of USA}
(ii) {Mountain peaks more than 6000 m high}
(iii) {The men who have landed on moon }
(iv) {Ecen numbers which are prime }

3. State which of the following are null or empty sets ?
(i) The set of women army chief in india since 1947 .
(ii) {Men over 300 years old}
(iii) The set of odd numbers divisible by 2
(iv) The set of teachers teaching you
(v) {Cubes with 8 faces}
(vi) {Days with 14440 minutes}
(vii) {Even numbers which are prime}
(viii) {x | x is a person over 100 m tall}
(ix) {Horses which have five legs}
(x) {Capitals of the states of india}

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