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S.chand publication solution of class 6 chapter 5 exercise 5 A

1 Write a fraction that represents the shaded part of the figures below .

2. Write the fraction which represents the unshaded portion in each of the figures in Q. 1 above.

3. Write the equivalent fractions represented by each picture

4.Find three equivalent fractions for each fraction.
(i) $\dfrac{12}{15}$
(ii) $\dfrac{3}{18}$
(iii) $\dfrac{18}{24}$
(iv) $\dfrac{8}{11}$

5.Find the missing numbers that make the fractions equivalent.
(i) $\dfrac{5}{35}=\dfrac{1}{\boxed}$
(ii) $\dfrac{3}{8}=\dfrac{36}{\boxed}$
(iii) $\dfrac{24}{32}=\dfrac{\boxed}{4}$
(iv) $\dfrac{34}{51}=\dfrac{\boxed}{3}$

6. Write an equivalent fraction of
(i) $\dfrac{3}{4}$ with numerator as 36
(ii) $\dfrac{6}{7}$ with denominator as 49

7. Check which of the following pairs are equivalent fractions.
(i) $\dfrac{4}{7} \text{ and } \dfrac{32}{56}$
(ii) $\dfrac{9}{13} \text{ and } \dfrac{63}{84}$
(iii) $\dfrac{8}{12} \text{ and } \dfrac{12}{21}$
(iv) $\dfrac{30}{36} \text{ and } \dfrac{5}{6}$

8. Classify as proper fractions or improper fractions.
(i) $\dfrac{3}{7}$
(ii) $\dfrac{14}{5}$
(iii) $\dfrac{41}{8}$
(iv) $\dfrac{2}{3}$
(v) $\dfrac{8}{8}$
(vi) $\dfrac{14}{21}$

9.Convert the following into an improper fraction.
(i) $1\dfrac{3}{7}$
(ii) $3\dfrac{4}{5}$
(iii) $10\dfrac{10}{17}$
(iv) $8\dfrac{11}{16}$
(v) $11\dfrac{5}{8}$

10. Convert the following into a mixed number.
(i) $\dfrac{7}{5}$
(ii) $\dfrac{71}{10}$
(iii) $\dfrac{98}{11}$
(iv) $\dfrac{105}{8}$
(v) $\dfrac{345}{14}$

11. Convert the following sets of unlike fractions into like fractions.
(i) $\dfrac{1}{4},\dfrac{1}{6},\dfrac{7}{9},\dfrac{5}{12},\dfrac{11}{18}$
(ii) $\dfrac{2}{3},\dfrac{3}{4},\dfrac{7}{12},\dfrac{9}{16},\dfrac{3}{24}$
(iii) $\dfrac{3}{5},\dfrac{7}{10},\dfrac{13}{15},\dfrac{17}{20},\dfrac{19}{25}$

12. Which of the following fractions are in the simplest form?
(i) $\dfrac{64}{73}$
(ii) $\dfrac{17}{84}$
(iii) $\dfrac{56}{63}$
(iv) $\dfrac{27}{64}$
(v) $\dfrac{119}{126}$

13. Reduce the following fractions to the simplest forms.
(i) $\dfrac{64}{73}$
(ii) $\dfrac{35}{135}$
(iii) $\dfrac{38}{95}$
(iv) $\dfrac{140}{252}$
(v) $\dfrac{48}{72}$


1. Replace * by > , < or = to make the statements true

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